Pre & Post Natal Training

Every step of the pregnancy is planned for maximum returns a healthy baby, an efficient delivery and a quick return to the pre-pregnancy body. Optimal fitness and health can be achieved, and maintained throughout the trimesters and beyond with a personalized pre/post natal fitness program.

Though every woman is different many of the physiological changes to the body during pregnancy are the same. The abdominal muscles relax during pregnancy in order that the rectus abdominus can stretch and separate. The rectus abdominus may lengthen by approximately 8in and the waistline may increase by approximately 20in. The muscles begin to realign as quick as four days after delivery but may take six weeks or longer to repair.

As your pregnancy progresses, the intensity, duration and frequency will decrease and your workouts will be adjusted to your stage of pregnancy and your energy level. Strong emphasis on abdominals, pelvic floor and back musculature will help make the entire birthing experience less taxing to the body.


Through a Personal Edge Fitness individually designed program you can re-gain stamina, strength and return to your pre-pregnancy body…or better!



Exercising When You're Expecting

Research has shown that regular exercise for expecting mothers can provide valuable health benefits to both mother and baby, and reduce risk of complications during pregnancy.
Pregnancy Considerations
Before jumping into an exercise program, it's important to consult your doctor, as well as a fitness professional to help you establish your workout program:

  • Consult your doctor and a fitness professional before beginning.
  • Only exercise if you were previously exercising before getting pregnant.
  • As pregnancy progresses (into the third trimester) decrease the amount of weight you lift.
  • Healthy Heart Rate Zone - According to the Mayo Clinic, there is no need to monitor heart rate for women who were previously exercising before pregnancy.
  • If you experience any abnormal pain while exercising, stop and contact your doctor. This may be an indication you need to slow down a bit...[read more]



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