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The Number One Killer

December 9, 2021

Welcome to today’s post, I’m glad you’re here today because we’re talking about the myth of the number one killer.  If you have read a previous post, the Lowdown On Wellness, I mentioned several myths…

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The Lie of Aging – Part 1

I’ll make sure I start today’s post with how to contact us because I believe I might ruffle a few feathers today as I get into the subject that rears its head in every single…

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Metabolism Myths

December 3, 2021

Thank you so much for joining me today. Glad you’re here, because I’m talking about one of the things that really really sticks in my craw. It is one of those ideas that just gets…

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The Secret To Fat Loss

I’m glad you’re here today because we are talking about one of my absolute favorite subjects dealing with fitness and weight loss. Now I’m going to tell you, you and only you, the secret to…

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Stretch It Out

November 22, 2021

Today, I’d like to get into one of my favorite topics, something I think all of us have been involved in at some point in our lives. Now, of course, fitness. I mean, a lot…

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HIIT Me With Training

Hey everybody, and welcome again to the Personal Edge Fitness Blog. I’m your host, Garrett Williamson, president of Personal Edge Fitness. Thank you so much for reading. Now you’ll notice that there’s a lot of…

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The Lowdown on Wellness

July 4, 2019

Welcome to the first entry of the Personal Edge Fitness Blog.  I’m Garrett Williamson, your host and I’m writing this from the facility of Personal Edge Fitness. Now, who am I? And why am I…

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