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Marathon Speed & Agility Training Garrett

Speed & Agility Coach | Personal Edge Fitness

April 24, 2023

The Importance of Finding the Right Speed and Agility Coach for Your Athletic Goals By: GARRETT WILLIAMSON, MSS, HFI Speed and agility training are essential to many sports, including basketball, football, soccer, and track and…

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Pre-natal Training and Post Natal Training with Personal Trainer

Pre & Post Natal Training | Personal Edge Fitness

April 22, 2023

5 Must-Know Exercises for Post-Natal Recovery By: GARRETT WILLIAMSON, MSS, HFI   Although giving birth to a child is a wonderful and life-changing experience, it may be physically demanding. Many women find it difficult to…

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Diet & Exercise | Personal Edge Fitness

April 20, 2023

The Perfect Match: How Combining a Healthy Diet with Exercise Can Transform Your Health By: GARRETT WILLIAMSON, MSS, HFI    A healthy diet and regular exercise are the cornerstones of good health. Combining a healthy…

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Senior Fitness

Rehabilitation Training | Personal Edge Fitness

April 18, 2023

Transform Your Recovery: The Power of a Personal Trainer for Injury Rehabilitation By: GARRETT WILLIAMSON, MSS, HFI Recovering from an injury can be a challenging and frustrating experience. Whether it’s a sports injury, chronic pain,…

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Rope training on gym floor

Choosing The Right Gym | Personal Edge Fitness

April 16, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Fitness Gym for You By: GARRETT WILLIAMSON, MSS, HFI   Finding the appropriate gym is crucial to attaining your fitness objectives, whether you are an experienced fitness enthusiast…

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Female Working out demonstrating how Personalized Training to help you Reach Your Fitness Goals

Fitness Goals | Personal Edge Fitness

April 14, 2023

How Hiring a Personal Trainer Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals Faster By: GARRETT WILLIAMSON, MSS, HFI Do you have trouble achieving your fitness goals? Do you frequently start a new diet or exercise…

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The Number One Killer

December 9, 2021

Welcome to today’s post, I’m glad you’re here today because we’re talking about the myth of the number one killer.  If you have read a previous post, the Lowdown On Wellness, I mentioned several myths…

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The Lie of Aging – Part 1

I’ll make sure I start today’s post with how to contact us because I believe I might ruffle a few feathers today as I get into the subject that rears its head in every single…

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Man Grabbing His Love Handles debating Weight Loss and Metabolism Myths


December 3, 2021

10 Metabolism Myths Debunked: Understanding the Truth About How Your Body Burns Calories By: GARRETT WILLIAMSON, MSS, HFI   Welcome to Personal Edge Fitness, where we believe in empowering our clients with the knowledge they…

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The Secret To Fat Loss

I’m glad you’re here today because we are talking about one of my absolute favorite subjects dealing with fitness and weight loss. Now I’m going to tell you, you and only you, the secret to…

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